UF Health Pathology Laboratories

University of Florida Health Pathology Laboratories is a leading provider of surgical pathology and diagnostic laboratory services for the southeastern United States. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, UF Health Pathology Laboratories has offered pathology services, testing, pathology second opinion services and autopsy services for more than 25 years. We serve all major markets across the state of Florida, including Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, just to name a few.

Home to more than 30 nationally recognized pathologists who are knowledgeable in all subspecialties of pathology, UF Health Pathology Laboratories has the experience and expertise to diagnose your patient’s condition quickly, accurately and professionally. We strive to provide optimal support to our colleagues for patient care by capably utilizing established technologies and developing and applying entirely new methods. Because of these leading-edge innovations, our contributions to the field of medical research are highlighted by numerous publications and research awards.

UF Health Pathology Laboratories is also a teaching facility that accommodates medical students and residents with focused instruction from seasoned pathology practitioners coupled with intensive hands-on training. Our commitment to this educational endeavor is underscored by the numerous awards granted to our faculty.

We are privileged to provide you and your patients with the personal service and quality of care you have come to expect. At UF Health Pathology Laboratories, we are your pathologists, and we bring the power of academics and research into your practice.