Ying Li, MD, PhD

Phone: 352.267.2042

Email: liying@pathology.ufl.edu


The research interest of Ying Li, MD, PhD, is to identify potential low-grade stem cell disorders by utilizing flow cytometric analyses. Hematopathologic diagnosis of the low-grade stem cell disorders (myelodysplastic syndrome and/or myeloproliferative disorders) is still a challenging process in clinical practice, in that the diagnosis is based on clinical history and certain morphologic features, which are non-specific and may not present in many of the stem cell disorders.

Although results of cytogenetics studies become the diagnostic gold standard in clinical practice, there are no specific genetic defects that have yet been discovered for a majority of the low-grade stem cell disorders. Because these diseases are clonal processes of the stem cells, clonal-related surface antigen alternations may be observed on these abnormal cells by flow cytometric analysis.

Dr. Li uses flow cytometric analyses to study the developmental-related expression of myeloid, erythroid and megakaryocytic markers on immature marrow precursor cells during their maturation, so he is able to differentiate the abnormal maturational processes in stem cell disorders from their normal counterparts.

Currently Involved In: Hematopathology