Frequently Asked Questions: Client Services

What is the entity known as UF Health Pathology Laboratories?

Your physician chose to have your tests performed by UF Health Pathology Laboratories, a nationally recognized academic pathology laboratory. We will interpret and diagnose the specimen collected on the day of your office visit, medical procedure or surgery. Our exceptional record of accomplishment and success is the foundation on which we guarantee that you will receive the most timely and accurate diagnosis possible.

Where can I find a list of your insurance plans?

Why am I getting a bill from Florida Clinical Practice Association, Inc.?

Billing for services provided by UF Health Pathology Laboratories is handled by the Florida Clinical Practice Association, Inc.

Who should I contact if I receive a bill from Florida Clinical Practice Association, Inc.?

You can contact the Florida Clinical Practice Associates' Patient Relations Division by calling 352.265.7906 or toll-free at 888.766.8154.
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