Molecular Pathology

The major goal of UF Health Pathology Laboratories' Molecular Pathology Laboratory is to make exceptional clinical services available to patients and physicians.

We offer solid tumor screening and diagnosis, as well as testing for lymphoid malignancies and infectious diseases. Our laboratory serves hospitals, physicians, public health centers and reference laboratories, in addition to research groups with clinical trial studies and other projects.

Molecular PathologyThe Laboratory's constituents are committed to actively contributing to the advancement of the field of molecular pathology and to the education of tomorrow's pathologists and molecular geneticists. We  utilize a multidisciplinary approach to diagnose genetic diseases in collaboration with our anatomical pathologists, hematopathologists, microbiologists and cytogeneticists.

The Molecular Pathology Laboratory's other activities include:

  • Making comprehensive academic instruction available for students of the University of Florida's College of Medicine;
  • Actively participating in the education of UF hematology and pathology residents, as well as contributing to the continuing medical education of physicians; and
  • Making pathology services available to physicians and patients throughout the state of Florida.
Molecular Pathology