Peter A. Drew, MD

Peter A. Drew, MD
Associate Professor
Breast Pathology, Cytopathology, ENT, GU and Surgical Pathology
Unit Director: 
Ear, Nose and Throat Pathology (ENT)
Administrative Contact:
Margo Kramer
Senior secretary and program coordinator

Peter A. Drew, MD, provides service to the triage, GU, breast, ENT, lung, heart and cytopathology units at UF Health Shands Hospital. He also receives surgical pathology, cytopathology, quantitative pathology and outside consultation cases through UF Health Pathology Laboratories.

Before he came to UF, Dr. Drew was the Director of Anatomic Pathology at Shands at Alachua General Hospital until it closed in Oct. 2009.

Dr. Drew is a member of the cytopathology fellowship training committee and also teaches:
  • Male GU pathology to medical students
  • Non-neoplastic lung pathology to dental students
  • Cytopathology and general surgical pathology to pathology residents and fellows
Additionally, he serves as an active member of the:
  • United States-Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)
  • Florida Society of Pathologists (FSP)
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP); Dr. Drew also readily participates in the CAP laboratory inspection program

Dr. Drew is an active member of the United States-Canadian Academy of Pathology, College of American Pathologists and the Florida Society of Pathologists. He also participates in the CAP Laboratory Inspection Program.

Currently Involved In: 

Breast, ENT, genitourinary and surgical pathology; cytopathology

Dr. Drew's research focuses on cytopathology, GU neoplasia and heart and lung transplant pathology, and some of his most recent projects involve labial salivary gland biopsies in Sjogren's syndrome, smoothelin expression in bladder cancer and aorticopulmonary paraganglioma.

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