BRAF Mutation Detection

Polymerase chain reaction/DNA pyrosequencing
Monday - Friday
5 - 10 business days

BRAF mutation can be utilized as an independent predictor for colorectal cancer patients’ responsiveness to anti-epidermal growth factor receptor therapy. In addition to being used in MSI-high patients as an exclusion factor of HNPCC, the test can also guide therapy for melanoma patients (anti-BRAF).

Specimen Requirements: 

Paraffin-embedded, formalin-fixed tissue block; in case the blocks are not available, 5 unstained slides are accepted. Ship the specimen at 20° - 25° C. Tissues fixed in formalin substitute are unacceptable.

Fine-needle biopsy, shipped frozen or on ice with RPMI-1640.

Reference Values: 

No mutation detected; interpretative report

Interpretation Data: 
  • Mutation Detected: A mutation was detected in BRAF codon 600 (c. 1799 T > A).
  • No Mutation Detected: No BRAF mutation was identified in the provided specimen of the patient codon 600 (c. 1799 T > A).
  • QNS: Due to an inadequate specimen or less than 50% tumor cells present in the tissue
CPT Code (s): 
  • 81210
  • 88381

UFHPL Test #: 10025

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