HDL - Cholesterol

The HDL-Cholesterol test is a two reagent homogenous system for the selective measurement of serum or plasma HDL-Cholesterol in the presence of other lipoprotein particles. The assay is comprised of two distinct phases. In phase one, free cholesterol in non-HDL-lipoproteins is solubilized and consumed by cholesterol oxidase, peroxidase, and DSBmT to generate a colorless end product. In phase two a unique detergent selectively solubilizes HDL- lipoproteins. The HDL cholesterol is released for reaction with cholesterol esterase, cholesterol oxidase and a chromogen system to yield a blue color complex which can be measured bichromatically at 600/700nm. The resulting increase in absorbance is directly proportional to the HDL-C concentration in the sample.
Monday - Friday
Within 24 hours
Purpose and principle: 
Many epidemiological investigations have demonstrated the strong and independent inverse association between HDL-cholesterol and the risk of coronary artery disease. It has been proposed that HDL particles, through the uptake and transport of cholesterol from peripheral tissue to the liver (reverse cholesterol transport), protects against the development of atheromatous plaques.

Under the guidelines issued by The National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel 2 (NCEP ATP 2), it is recommended that both HDL-cholesterol and total cholesterol should be measured in the initial screening for hypercholesterolemia. In 2001, the NCEP increased the high-risk medical decision point to <40 mg/dL.

The guidelines classify HDL-C levels as follows:
  1. < 40 mg/dL as indicative of a major risk factor for coronary heart disease.
  2. > 60 mg/dL as a negative risk factor for coronary heart disease.
Specimen Requirements: 
Type: Peripheral blood
  • Serum, gel
  • Plasma, gel

Preparation: 12 - 14 hour fasting

Stability (collection to time of analysis/testing):
  • Ambient: 14 hours
  • Refrigerated: 1 week
  • Frozen: 3 months
Specimen Retention Time: 5 days
Reference Values: 
23 – 92 mg/dL
CPT Code (s): 

UFHPL Test #: 20250

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