KRAS Mutation Detection

Polymerase chain reaction/DNA pyrosequencing
Monday - Friday
5 - 10 days

The test detects 7 KRAS gene mutations in codons 12 and 13. The mutations at these two codons are linked to resistance to cancer therapies that target to the KRAS pathway in colorectal and other cancers.

Specimen Requirements: 

Paraffin-embedded, formalin-fixed tissue block In case the blocks are not available, 5 unstained slides are acceptable. Ship specimens at 20° - 25° C. Tissues not fixed in formalin are unacceptable.

Unacceptable Conditions:
  • Frozen specimens
  • Specimens in formalin substitute
Stability (collection to initiation of testing):
  • Ambient: Indefinitely
Reference Values: 

No mutation detected

Interpretation Data: 
Diagnosis Interpretation Text
Mutation Detected A mutation was detected in KRAS codon 12 and 13.
No Mutation Detected No KRAS mutation was identified in the provided specimen of this patient.
QNS Due to inadequate specimen or less than 50% tumor cells presents in the tissue
CPT Code (s): 
  • 81275
  • 88381

UFHPL Test Number: 10120

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