Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Types 1-/2-Specific Antibodies, IgG

CPT Code(s):

86695, 86696


Chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA)


Monday - Friday




This test is used to detect IgG antibodies specific to HSV types 1 and/or 2 infection. It is also employed to confirm or rule-out possible infection with herpes simplex types 1 and/or 2 virus in prenatal patients; in whom, HSV infection can cause serious prenatal disease. In a patient with no history of lesion disease, a positive result for this test may be indicative that the primary infection was asymptomatic. Once infected by HSV, it is possible for a patient to shed virus without the development of lesions (asymptomatic shedding). This test does not indicate the site of HSV infection.

This test is used in the detection of antibodies specific to herpes type 1 and/or 2 only.

Specimen Requirements:

Type: Serum

Container/Tube: Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube

Sample Volume: 1.5 mL

Minimum Volume: 1 mL

Storage: Refrigerate specimens immediately after collection.

Stability (collection to time of analysis/testing):

  • Ambient: 2 days
  • Refrigerated: 7 days
  • Frozen: > 7 days
Rejection Criteria:

  • Non-EDTA plasma specimen
  • PST gel-barrier tube

Collection Procedure:


Reference Values:


Interpretation Data:



UFHPL Test #: 68120

UFHPL Epic order code: LAB21094701

There is a considerable homology between HSV-1 and HSV-2 antigens, so that antibodies formed against either virus are highly cross-reactive. These assays are based on purified recombinant glycoprotein G-1 (HSV-1) or G-2 (HSV-2) antigens.


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