Urine Microalbumin

Immune complexes formed in solution scatter light in proportion to their size, shape and concentration. Turbidimeters measure the reduction of incident light due to reflection, absorption, or scatter. In the Beckman Coulter procedure, the measurement of the decrease in light transmitted (increase in absorbance) through particles suspended in solution as a result of complexes formed during the antigen-antibody reaction, is the basis of this assay.
Monday - Friday
Within 24 hours
Purpose and principle: 
Microalbuminuria is the term given to the condition of increased excretion of albumin in urine. High urinary Microalbumin is an early marker for renal disease. Measurement of Microalbumin levels in urine are used to predict the development of diabetic nephropathy, as this protein tends to appear ahead of other serum proteins in urine during the course of renal glomerular damage. Measurement of Microalbumin is therefore considered a standard for the detection of diabetic complications.
Specimen Requirements: 
Type: Random or Timed Urine

Sample Volume: 1 mL

Stability (collection to time of analysis/testing):
  • Refrigerated: 7 days
  • Frozen: 1 year
Reference Values: 
  24-Hour Collection (mg/24h) Timed Collection (ug/min) Spot Collection (ug/mg creatinine)
Normal < 30 < 20 < 30 ug/mg creatinine
Microalbuminuria 30 - 299 20 - 199 30 - 299
Clinical albuminuria ≥ 300 ≥ 200 ≥ 300
CPT Code (s): 

UFHPL Test #: 20337

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