Cell Culture: Prenatal Tissue Only

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Specimen Requirements:

Amniotic fluid: Aseptically collect approximately 1 cc of per week of gestational age in two sterile 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes and sequentially label the tubes. The initial 1-2 cc should not be included for chromosome studies (but may be utilized for AFP testing).

Chorionic villi: Collect 10-30 mg utilizing aspiration medium* containing sodium heparin. After assessment of the appropriate amount and quality of villi, transfer to a sterile centrifuge tube with transportation medium.

Fetal tissue samples: As aseptically as possible obtain approximately 2 mm x 2 mm x 2 mm in size (recommended tissues for abortus materials include recognizable fetal components such as skin, lung, and cartilage and extra-embryonic tissues such as chorionic villi).

Transfer the each sample to a separate sterile container (15ml conical centrifuge tube) containing tissue culture medium*, which has been brought to room temperature, prior to collection. DO NOT place the sample in cold or hot medium. To enhance the possibility of a successful cytogenetic study we recommend that at least two tissue types be sent in separate containers.

Do not freeze or “fix” samples in any manner contrary to the maintenance of cell viability. Maintain sample sterility, keep all specimens at room temperature, and deliver to the laboratory within 24-48 hours. Ship at room temperature for overnight delivery.

Submit with completed Prenatal Cytogenetic Analyses Request Form.

*The UF PathLabs will supply tissue transport medium upon request.



Cell culture for cell-line build up only; for reference lab send-out


14 – 28 days (subject to broad range of variables)

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