CPT Code(s):

Call UF Health Pathology Laboratories’ Client Services Department at 888.375.LABS (5227) for CPT codes.

Specimen Requirements:

  • Direct smears;
  • Cytocentrifuge specimens;
  • ThinPrep® or SurePath®; and
  • Cell blocks, special stains and immunohistochemistry (when appropriate)

Refer to the specimen type for specific collection instructions.

Stability (collection to initiation of testing):

  • Ambient:
    • Sterile Container: 2 Hours
    • ThinPrep®: 3 Weeks
    • SurePath®: 4 Weeks
  • Refrigerated: 24 hours


Cytopathology is routinely performed on any collectible specimen containing cells. Its general function is to evaluate exfoliated cells in any collectible specimen for abnormalities. These abnormalities include:

  • Presence of cancer;
  • Precancerous conditions
  • Infection due to fungus, virus, parasites or bacteria, etc.




1 – 3 days