HDL – Cholesterol

CPT Code(s):


Specimen Requirements:

Type: Peripheral blood

  • Serum, gel
  • Plasma, gel

Preparation: 12 – 14 hour fasting

Stability (collection to time of analysis/testing):

  • Ambient: 14 hours
  • Refrigerated: 1 week
  • Frozen: 3 months
Specimen Retention Time: 5 days


The HDL-Cholesterol test is a two reagent homogenous system for the selective measurement of serum or plasma HDL-Cholesterol in the presence of other lipoprotein particles. The assay is comprised of two distinct phases. In phase one, free cholesterol in non-HDL-lipoproteins is solubilized and consumed by cholesterol oxidase, peroxidase, and DSBmT to generate a colorless end product. In phase two a unique detergent selectively solubilizes HDL- lipoproteins. The HDL cholesterol is released for reaction with cholesterol esterase, cholesterol oxidase and a chromogen system to yield a blue color complex which can be measured bichromatically at 600/700nm. The resulting increase in absorbance is directly proportional to the HDL-C concentration in the sample.


Within 24 hours

Reference Values:

23 – 92 mg/dL