Nerve Pathology

CPT Code(s):

  • 88305
  • 88348

Specimen Requirements:

**Specimens MUST be prepared by carefully following our nerve biopsy shipping instructions. Please watch our Nerve Specimen Collection and Handling Tutorial before submitting a muscle specimen for pathologic evaluation.**

Submit all nerve biopsies with a completed Nerve Pathology Requisition. (Or call our Client Services Department to have hardcopy Nerve Pathology Requisitions, pre-printed with your practice’s contact information on them, sent to you.).

To obtain nerve biopsy kits and detailed collection instructions, contact UF Health Pathology Laboratories Client Services Department at 888.375.LABS (5227).

UF Health Pathology Laboratories’ Client Services Department must be notified when sending a specimen. Only ship nerve biopsy specimens Monday – Thursday.

Unacceptable Conditions:
  • Frozen specimens
  • Specimens in inappropriate fixative
  • Frozen fixatives
  • Specimens greater than 24 hours old
  • Specimens shipped on Fridays or Saturdays
Stability (collection to initiation of testing):
  • Ambient: Immediate delivery
  • Frozen: Acceptable but not recommended
  • Refrigerated: 24 hours


This test is used to aid in diagnosing nerve disorders. Nerve biopsies will assist in making a diagnosis if there is damage to small nerves; the axon portion of a nerve; and/or if neuropathy is present.


Microscopic exam


1 – 3 days