The lipase procedure is based on the colorimetric method. Pancreatic lipase hydrolyzes esters of long chain fatty acids from their triglycerides. The enzyme activity requires the presence of co-lipase. 1,2-Diglyceride is hydrolyzed to 2-monoglyceride and fatty acid. The 2-monoglyceride is then measured by coupled enzyme reactions catalyzed by monoglyceride lipase (MGLP), glycerol kinase (GK), glycerol phosphate oxidase (GPO) and peroxidase (POD).
Monday - Friday
Within 24 hours
Purpose and principle: 
Measurements of serum lipase are used in the diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis or pancreatic injury
Specimen Requirements: 

Type: Peripheral blood

  • Serum, gel
  • Plasma, gel

Sample Volume: 0.5 mL serum

Stability (collection to time of analysis/testing):
  • Refrigerated: 2 weeks
  • Frozen: 1 year
Unacceptable Conditions: Moderate-to-gross hemolysis
Specimen Retention Time: 5 days
Reference Values: 
11 – 82 U/L
CPT Code (s): 

UFHPL Test #: 20300

UFHPL Epic order code: LAB99

Collection procedure: 
Serum gel tubes should be centrifuged within 2 hours of collection.
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