FISH for Chromosomes 13/18/21

UF Health Pathology Laboratories is pleased to announce the launch of FISH for
chromosomes 13/18/21 for suspicion or confirmation of trisomy in blood specimens
(LAB5851 in EPIC). FISH for trisomy 13 or 18 will be treated as STAT (1 business day
turnaround time) and trisomy 21 will be treated as RUSH (3-5 business day turnaround
time). The laboratory is open Monday through Friday except holidays and STAT
samples received in the lab on days of closure will be reported the next business day.
Chromosome analysis is also recommended for these individuals to investigate
structural abnormalities for recurrence risk. Turnaround time for chromosome
analysis for all neonates <30 days old is 7 days.
You may also find the appropriate requisition form at Requisitions which is a
fillable pdf for your convenience.
For questions about Cytogenetics testing, please connect with Dr. Rachel Burnside,
Section Director of Cytogenetics at or call 352.265.9900.

Rachel D. Burnside, PhD, MBA, FACMG
Section Director, Cytogenetics

Ericka Olgaard, DO, MBA Director,
UF Health Pathology Laboratories