Specimen Shipping

Packing and Shipping

  1. Collect the specimen and place it in the appropriate specimen medium.
  2. Ensure that each specimen container is clearly marked with at least two unique patient identifiers.
  3. Secure each specimen container tightly to avoid leakage in transit. Place the medium in the foam insert.
  4. Complete the enclosed requisition with the patient’s demographics and insurance information.
  5. Place the specimen inside the enclosed biohazard bag and place it in the box.
  6. Place the box inside the enclosed FedEx shipping bag.
  7. Attach (if necessary) the pre-labeled and prepaid FedEx air bill.
  8. Seal the FedEx shipping bag.
  9. You can call FedEx at 800.463.3339 or contact our Client Services Department at 888.375.LABS (5227) to schedule a FedEx pick-up. Alternately, a pick-up can be scheduled online at fedex.com. A two-hour notice may be required for same-day pick-up.

FedEx Shipping Supplies

  • Clinical Pacâ„¢, a leak-proof envelope required for shipping bodily fluids, which allows packaging of multiple specimens into one shipping envelope
  • Pre-printed air bills, showing our shipping address and billing account number
    • Note: By using these pre-printed FedEx air bills, your specimens will be delivered to the correct destination, and we will be correctly billed for the delivery. Even though the air bills are pre-marked for next-afternoon delivery, all deliveries are made to UF Health Pathology Laboratories in the morning.

Specimen collection procedures

Blood collection procedures

Surgical pathology shipping instructions

Requisition for submitting renal/muscle/nerve biopsies